Dianne Hanson

Dianne Hanson

  • Artist’s Statement

    I continue the theme of working with natural elements which was the main impetus behind the commencement of my art journey – my sister’s mineral photography. It has been very important to me to continue to work with nature, while Sue’s focus was with rocks, I’ve been using dried Australian native flowers and leaves, tree bark, banksia cones and locally sourced sea shells to make my pieces. Basically anything representing the natural world is what I love to work with, it’s so true that it’s hard to top nature for colour, shape and beauty. I am constantly inspired by Australian flora and it is this that makes me excited to produce my artworks that preserve and feature distinctly Australian botanicals and shells.

  • Biography

    My art journey began while working with my sister's beautiful mineral photography, images of rock thin sections captured under the microscope in the geology lab. Now my own work with timber and resin allows me to incorporate Sue's mineral photography into my pieces as well as continuing to work with natural elements like rocks, flowers, leaves, bark, seed pods and even fruit! My current work centres on embedding botanical elements into resin to make functional homewares like wine stoppers and LED lights. Australian native flowers like flowering gum, waratahs and even lilly pilly leaves lend themselves beautifully to the drying process and look amazing in resin.

  • Influences

    By far my major influence has been my sister Sue's artwork (thin section mineral photography) . Her work gave me a love of abstract art, even though her abstract art was in reality shaped by nature, the best artist of all. I always love the uneven, the imperfect and the slightly off-centre in all art and in the beauty of nature. The exception to this is the amazing geometric shapes found in nature and I really enjoy working with pencil, compass and protractor to create geometric designs.

  • Awards

    Alas, nothing to report here either

  • Exhibitions

    I have not previously exhibited my artwork or my current products (homewares).

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Dianne Hanson

Flowering Gum
13 x 5.5 x 4 cm Resin and stainless steel Sold

Dianne Hanson

Beach Life
13 x 55 x 4 cm Resin and stainless steel Sold

Dianne Hanson

Sea Life
13 x 55 x 4 cm Resin and stainless steel Sold