Diana Battle

Diana Battle

  • Artist’s Statement

    I describe my style as expressionistic/abstracted/intuitive. 
    My favoured medium at present is acrylic because of its versatility.
    Over the years my approach to painting has evolved across all media and genre while continuing to be inspired by places and activities from the coast to the mountains. 
    Organic shapes and negative space, along with the play of light forming many different shapes and patterns, always fascinates. These current works are more lyrical in style than my previous paintings.

  • Biography

    Born Brisbane 1946 - now living in Toowoomba.
    My interest in art began early with my father and brother both being professional photographers and it was here that I was first introduced to tone and colour.  As a self taught painter I have been allowed the freedom to follow my instincts and paint while being totally lost in the process with its many possibilities.
    I am a Downlands parent and Grandparent.  

  • Influences

    Judy Cassab.  Many years ago I saw an exhibition of her portraits at the City Hall in Brisbane.  I loved the way she left the underpainting visible and her brush work was so free. 
    Michael Muir.   Even though he was originally a portrait painter it is his paintings after moving to Australia that I admire.  The utter simplicity of his subject and his choice of colours.
    Nicholas Harding.  Especially his beach paintings done with the pallet knife.  Lots of people with towels and water bottles.   

  • Awards

    Received seven  Acquisitive Awards from the Aspects Art Show in Goondiwindi.
    The Fred Gardiner and Nancy Culliford award a few times from the Toowoomba Art Society and a Peoples Choice.
    Firsts in the Still Life section of the Toowoomba Royal Show 2019 and Reserve Champion art prize 2018 

  • Exhibitions

    Recent exhibitions...
    2016 - 2022 A number of Solo exhibitions at the RepertoryTheatre Gallery in Toowoomba  as well as participating in many group shows through the region.
    Feature artist at the RME Downlands Art Exhibition in 2019 and Toowoomba Grammar's feature artist many years ago. 
    Inverell Contemporary Exhibition 2019 with eight others.

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Diana Battle

Where the Lyrebird Sings
94 x 124 x 4 cm Acrylic on canvas, framed $2,250.00

Diana Battle

65 x 124 x 4 cm Acrylic on canvas, framed Sold

Diana Battle

Blue Jug
65 x 65 x 4 cm Acrylic on canvas, framed $950.00