Debbie Parker

Debbie Parker

  • Artist’s Statement

    Debbie Parker is a Brisbane based artist, who exhibits throughout the year - both Nationally and Locally - who's work is held in many private collections.

    Debbie designs her compositions based on her feelings about a place she has visited or the activity of light on familiar Australian plants and birds. Although she uses photos as a reference in her studio practice the visual images that come from these photos are an expression of the experience sometimes bear only a slight resemblance to a place. She is mostly concerned with design and light and colour atmosphere and movement using a quick gestural mark making technique.

  • Biography

    Debbie has loved painting and drawing since childhood. She first started painting for commercial galleries in Canberra in 1992. From the beginning she had a strong interest in the Australian bush and was selling her Watercolour and Gouache’ paintings of Australian native birds and plants through the Southlands Gallery in Canberra. She attended night classes at the Canberra Institute of Art for over four years until late1995 when her husband’s career brought the family to back to Brisbane. In Brisbane she qualified in Commercial Art and worked in Advertising and Graphic Design until 2007 always finding time for her drawing and painting and now paints full time.

  • Influences

    Debbie has a strong interest in the work of the Post Impressionists, Early Expressionists and Fauvists of the early 1900’s. Artists like Franz Marc, Vincent van Gogh and Alberto Giacometti and modern-day Australian Artists like Margaret Woodward and Brett Whitely, inspire her.

    Although she enjoys working with the human figure, her main subject matter comes from her experiences with the landscape and natural forms in local and remote areas within Australia. For instance, Debbie enjoys bush walking so most of her landscapes are inspired by the scenes she experiences in the Australian bushland. Living close to Mount Coot-Tha National Park and nearby Botanical Gardens, the bird life and plants from these areas have been a real source of inspiration for her work.

  • Awards

    Voters' Choice, 'Foot Square', Aspire Gallery | 2019
    Finalist, Rotary Art Spectacular, Brisbane | 2019
    Gallery Finalist, Lethbridge 20000 Art Prize, Brisbane | 2019
    Finalist, 'Petite Pieces, Aspire Gallery | 2019
    Online Finalist, Lethbridge 10000 Art Prize, Brisbane | 2018
    High Commended, MacGregor Lions Art Extravaganza | 2018
    Highly Commended, Brookfield Art Show (Drawing) | 2018
    Finalist, Rotary Art Spectacular, Brisbane | 2018
    Finalist, Stanthorpe Art Prize | 2018
    Runner-up (Landscape), Nundah Art Prize | 2017
    Finalist, Rotary Art Spectacular, Brisbane | 2017
    Finalist, MacGregor Lions Art Extravaganza | 2017
    Finalist, Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, Adelaide | 2016

  • Exhibitions

    MacGregor Lions Art Extravaganza, Brisbane | 2019
    Rotary Art Spectacular, Brisbane | 2019
    Solo Exhibition, Percolator Gallery | 2018
    MacGregor Lions Art Extravaganza, Brisbane | 2018
    Rotary Art Spectacular, Brisbane | 2018
    Brookfield Art Show, Brisbane | 2018
    Solo Exhibition, Percolator Gallery | 2017
    MacGregor Lions Art Extravaganza, Brisbane | 2017
    Rotary Art Spectacular, Brisbane | 2017
    Brookfield Art Show, Brisbane | 2017

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Debbie Parker

Kingfishers Tentative Moment
49 x 94.5 x 3.5cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $1,600.00

Debbie Parker

Kangaroo Paw 1
121 x 61 x 3.5cm Acrylic on Linen $1,900.00