Darren Wright

Darren Wright

  • Artist’s Statement

    My photography is a long journey of learning and understanding, reflection and constant improvement. For me, photography is an escape, a reason to explore our surroundings and nature, and to capture social and community events.

    I use different tools and techniques to create my images; black and white, colour, high dynamic range, drones, long exposure, 360 cameras and digital manipulations.

    I hope that people feel a connection and emotion when viewing my work.

  • Biography

    Darren Wright grew up in the Blue Mountains New South Wales, in an era before computers, mobile phones and gaming consoles. Kids disappeared into the bush, following creek lines and ridges, naming caves, climbing cliffs and exploring the wilderness that was their back yard.

    Today it would seem irresponsible, kids clambering out of the bush as the sun sets, covered in charcoal brushed stains wielding branches as walking sticks, but in those days, such was typical.

    It was from this unique upbringing that constantly draws Darren back to landscape photography. Carrying technology unimaginable from his youth, exploring natural beauty with camera and drone in hand.

    Today Darren lives between Toowoomba Queensland and the Huon Valley Tasmania. He professionally photographs real estate and events and spends far to long using tech to connect with other photographers that inspire him.

  • Influences

    I love all good photography but have a sweet spot for great black and white street photography.

  • Exhibitions

    Downlands Art Exhibition

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Darren Wright

Adamsons Peak
90 x 125 x 3 cm Photography on Canvas Sold

Darren Wright

46 x 34 x 2 cm Digital Print Framed Sold