Dale Philpott

Dale Philpott

  • Artist’s Statement

    As in life I like to take the road unknown. I have a spontaneous approach to painting and just meander. It brings unexpected results and my paintings just evolve. At the core of my abstract work there has to mystery, adventure, and an emotional component that coneys something to me. I experiment with colours, shapes, movement and textures to get an ambiance.

  • Biography

    Dale has been painting for eighteen years and has had a solo exhibition in Fortitude Valley Brisbane selling several paintings. Dale has won many first prizes in abstract art competitions. She has exhibited in
    regional galleries in Queensland and in the Toowoomba Art Gallery. She is currently represented by Feather & Lawry Design in Toowoomba where her paintings have retailed. Her paintings hang in residences around Australia and in New Zealand.

  • Influences

    I am influenced by nature, my surrounding and my instincts. I am swayed by the data-bank in my subconcscious mind.

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    Feather & Lawry Design

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Dale Philpott

62 x 92 x 4cm acrylic and mixed media on canvas $1,200.00

Dale Philpott

Leaping Flames
60 x 60 x 2cm Acrylic $500.00

Dale Philpott

Pink Clouds
61 x 91cm mixed media $1,200.00