Colleen Lavender

Colleen Lavender

  • Artist’s Statement

    Mr Percival is a sculpture created using 44 gallon drums. A little tounge in cheek comment on the common occurance of even in very remote places the finding of a rusty 44 gallon drum half buried in the dirt. links to pollution and environmental degredation and the creatures within that environment like our waterbirds. While building my pieces i find myself working through quite a bit of emotion, with Percy, recalling the stories of the Coorong told by my mother and of my mother in general as it was quite recent that we had lost her to cancer, therapy i suppose.

  • Biography

    Colleen Lavender is a Brisbane artist who’s very handy with a plasma cutter! Her steel sculptures made from scrap, are emerging around Brisbane. From a 10.3 m entry statement at Beaudesert, to a striking pelican at Sirromet winery and now an emotive piece at The Botanic Gardens.

  • Influences

    There are many artists I admire, Deborah Butterfield, The indigenous artists of Arukun and the ancient blacksmiths of Russia. But being self taught on the Plasma cutter and Welder allows me to explore the techniques of both and carve out my own style, there are no hard and fast rules there.. I've spent quite some time working my way through different metal mediums, silversmithing, blacksmithing and glassworks. I really enjoy mixed mediums and recycling, i think we need to do more of that!

  • Awards

    Cultural Champion

  • Exhibitions

    Northshore, Brisbane Sculpture festival, Sculpture in the vines Sirromet, Welded Hearts

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Colleen Lavender

Mr Percival
1.4 x 1.2 x 1.2cm Scrap steel $12,000.00

Colleen Lavender

1.2 x 1.41 x 1cm coreten $2,200.00