Christine Bartkowski

Christine Bartkowski

  • Artist’s Statement

    I will paint anything that appeals to me in particular, trees, old fences, old run down houses and barns and country scenes with creeks. I do stray away from country paintings at times and paint something altogether different using very bright colours. I paint in oils, I love to blend colours together to create a stunning background for your painting.

  • Biography

    Hi, I'm Christine Bartkowski, I live at Meringandan just 15 minutes north of Toowoomba, I have lived here on the farm for 49 years. My schooling was in Toowoomba and I mostly loved Art but I didn't start painting until much later in life after the children had grown up. I sketched alot while growing up being inspired by my Uncle who sketched Churches in England to the very last stained glass window. While travelling in Australia and overseas I have collected some beautiful pictures to paint.

  • Influences

    A Toowoomba Artist influenced me, I learn't a lot from him, but I learnt a lot more from an on line Artist, his paintings would influence anyone to paint. It was a joy to follow both there techniques

  • Awards

    I have won prizes at at the Toowoomba Show and quite a few country shows

  • Exhibitions

    I have an exhibition coming up from the 12th to the 27th August at the Repertory Theatre 94 Margaret Street Toowoomba. I am looking forward to showing my paintings to the public

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Christine Bartkowski

Foggy Mountain Stream
157 x 107 x 3 cm Oils on canvas/ Brush/Palette knife $4,000.00