Chris Just

Chris Just

  • Artist’s Statement

    You need to make a leap of faith in order to create a vision.
    There's a fear and magic in the leap.
    As an artist, you reveal a lot of yourself in order that you connect emotionally with your work. I enjoy the escape into the narrative. It is a journey to the inner realm and there is power in the journey. Creative expression is a basic human need and maintains our sense of wellbeing.

  • Biography

    Chris Just is a multi-disciplinary artist with a degree in film and television.
    Her visual art is expanded by her studio work. She loves  putting paint to paper and more recently the digital painting process allows her growth in all areas of her work.
    She has been a finalist in art awards and has had solo and group exhibitions. She is represented in corporate and private art collections here and overseas.

  • Influences

    My work in the television and film industry has been an important part of my creativity which has expanded into my visual art. 

  • Awards

    2021 Brisbane Landscape Prize Finalist . Salon des Refuses
    2018 Lethbridge 10000 Finalist
    2018 Brisbane Street Art Festival Finalist - Brisbane Powerhouse
    2017 Rotary Art Prize Finalist
    2017 Clifton Art Prize Finalist
    2016 Clayton Utz Finalist

  • Exhibitions

    Lethbridge Landscape Prize - Salon de Refuses
    Crows Nest Regional Gallery
    Somerset Art Awards
    Somerset Regional Art Gallery - The Condensery
    Brisbane Powerhouse
    Rotary Art Exhibition - Brisbane
    Glennie School Art Exhibition
    Toowoomba Grammar Art Exhibition
    Downlands Art Exhibition
    Gallery 107 Dalby
    Feather and Lawry Toowoomba
    Clayton Utz Brisbane
    Clifford & Gouldson - Artist in Residence
    Tweed Regional Gallery - Artist in Residence
    TEXTILE INSTALLATIONS - Poppies and Violets
    Anzac Day - Mothers'  Memorial Toowoomba
    Remembrance Day - Mothers' Memorial Toowoomba

Showing the single artwork

Chris Just

Leap of Faith
46 x 60 x 4 cm oil, polymer and pigment ink $410.00