Chloe Parker

Chloe Parker

  • Artist’s Statement

    Described as magical, colourful and vibrant, Chloe Parker invites you to discover a world of art where imagination runs free. Her art encourages an appreciation of nature’s beauty and ignites personal reflection through balanced and thoughtful work. Primarily through the use of watercolour, acrylics and pigmented ink, Chloe creates magical worlds including celestial galaxies, enchanted creatures, and vibrant landscapes. Floral artworks, especially Australian natives, are her specialty.

  • Biography

    Chloe is a Brisbane-based artist specialising in acrylics, watercolours/gouache, and inks. Her art has been featured in galleries and exhibitions. In addition to her artworks, Chloe creates children’s illustrations featuring unique and unusual characters. She also creates custom illustrations and digital artworks. 

  • Exhibitions

    Downlands Art Exhibition: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021
    Artisan AboutFace Exhibition: 2020
    QAGOMA ArtPal Postcard Project: 2020
    The Henderson Women’s Exhibition: 2017

    Royal Queensland Show Fine Arts Competition: 2017

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Chloe Parker

Natures Symphony
61 x 46 x 3.5 cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $380.00