Chantel Schott

Chantel Schott

  • Artist’s Statement

    My work is indicative of using the automatism technique with minimal conscious thought. My work is hand drawn in ink on paper. I like to think my work is open to interpretation, to allow the viewer to find their own unique and authentic connections.

  • Biography

    I am a Brisbane based artist and have been creating works for over 15 years, in that time my style and mediums have changed and evolved. My artist's journey originally began in Toowoomba and I have had opportunities to exhibit locally, in major capital cities and overseas. I have a Diploma of Graphic Design and this has influenced my arts practice in the past, however, my latest works focus on my signature filigree-like hand drawn illustrations in ink on paper.

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Chantel Schott

56 x 56 x 1 cm Framed: 68 x 69 x 3cm Archival Ink on Paper $3,500.00