Catherine Ketton

Catherine Ketton

  • Artist’s Statement

    I strive to create an emotional response from the viewer. I like to invite her into the picture plane - to roam the landscape, to smell the eucalyptus, to feel the sea foam to touch the sky.

  • Biography

    I have always had an affinity with visual art, but it was not until the early naughties that I began my journey with making art. I quickly identified oil painting as my preferred medium. I have accessed a wide range of tutorials, workshops and residential schools.  A highlight was a Summer School at Florence Academy of Art.
     I now tutor workshops, U3A and Studio Painting. I am convinced I learn more from the teaching process than my students ever do.

  • Influences

    Most recently I have been influenced by the work of JMW Turner. His insistence that the artist experiment, and bring an emotional component to the genre of landscape fits with my framework. I have researched some of his techniques and the materials he used in his later works and I have been excited by the potential of oil mixed with beeswax to create heavy impasto.

  • Awards

    Most recent award - Anne and Fred Gardiner Award for Best  Picture, Toowoomba Art Society, 2020

  • Exhibitions

    Most recent exhibition ‘Just Breathe’ at Culliford Gallery, Toowoomba Art Society, May 2021.

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Catherine Ketton

Winter Walk, Daylesford
40 x 90 x 5cm Oil on board $850.00

Catherine Ketton

Winton Sunset
60 x 80 x 5cm Oil on board $800.00

Catherine Ketton

Gum Tree Rhythm
78 x 60 x 5cm Oil on board Sold