Cam Power

Cam Power

  • Artist’s Statement

    Cars, a man-made object, were designed for a purpose as mundane as transport - but Cam believes they can create a connection, a memory and a feeling of happiness, comfort, freedom or power. He invites you to remember the feeling when you bought your first car and the freedom it presented. To remember the drive to the beach you would take every summer with your family. To recall running to your car on a cold wet day after work and finding yourself embraced by the warmth of this weird, mechanical machine.

  • Biography

    Cam Power is a self-taught Brisbane artist specialising in photo-realistic illustrations of cars. He attempts to capture his subject in a way that showcases its natural appeal.

  • Awards

    Highly Commended (Miniature) - 'Mini', Aspects Art Show, Goondiwindi (2021)
    Finalist, Moreton Bay Art Prize, Brisbane (2021)

  • Exhibitions

    'Outside In', St Vincent's Hospital, Brisbane | 2021
    Brisbane Grammar Art Show, Brisbane | 2021
    Brookfield Art Show, Brisbane | 2021
    Aspects Art Show, Goondiwindi | 2021
    Moreton Bay Art Prize, Pine Rivers Gallery | 2021
    Toowoomba Grammar Art Show, Toowoomba | 2021
    'Outside In', St Vincent's Hospital, Brisbane | 2020
    Inspire, St Aidan's Art Show, Brisbane | 2020

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Cam Power

King of the Empire
77 x 57 x 4cm Marker on Paper $550.00

Cam Power

The Point
77 x 57 x 4cm Marker on Paper Sold