Caitlin Davis

Caitlin Davis

  • Artist’s Statement

    This artwork is a figurative chalk pastel rendering of two pears.

  • Biography

    Caitlin Davis is a Toowoomba-based artist who works primarily in portraiture and still life. Her preferred mediums include printmaking, chalk pastels and charcoals. Through her artworks, she explores concepts such as the male gaze, and the media-induced conviction of the perfectibility of women’s looks, which she deliberately attempts to disrupt. Her interests also extend to the uncontrived, organic beauty of flora and fauna.

  • Influences

    Caitlin is influenced by a diverse range of female artists including Jenny Saville, Frida Kahlo and Artemisia Gentileschi.

  • Awards

    Painting awarded to the Bishop of the Toowoomba Diocese oordination gift

  • Exhibitions

    'Liminal Print' Kelvin Grove Queensland Acadamies Creative Industries, Gallery 61

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Caitlin Davis

Two Pears
68 x 48 cm Chalk pastel $735.00

Caitlin Davis

Cup and Jug
68 x 48 cm Chalk pastel $735.00