Brian Spencer

Brian Spencer

  • Artist’s Statement

    "In Melbourne my art was a breakaway from the rigid structure of my illustrative work. It was a release and the only theme was freedom. I knew there was something more I wanted to say on canvas. Queensland (especially the colours, flowers and wildlife) and sailing never failed to provide all the inspiration I needed."

  • Biography

    Brian Spencer was born in Kent in 1936 and studied at the London College of Art before arriving in Australia in the fifties to begin a successful career as a freelance commercial artist in Melbourne. In 1980 he and his wife moved to Queensland to enable him to become a full time artist. His idyllic retreat on Makepeace Island in the middle of the Noosa River provided Spencer with constant inspiration. His innovative, unconventional style which he developed in the 1980s has been described as “neo-impressionism” and his unusual medium of oil and enamel make his paintings more unusual.

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Brian Spencer

The Pleasures of Oz
81 x 109 x 1 cm Oil and enamel $3,900.00