Bernadette Whisson

Bernadette Whisson

  • Artist’s Statement

    Colour and spontaneity are two touchstones of my painting. While I enjoy viewing many different styles and see value in most works I encounter, I keep returning to the impressionists and post-impressionists especially Vincent Van Gogh. Watercolour is my preferred medium when I want to wander and immerse myself in mostly natural surroundings. It's a habit I love.

  • Biography

    Painting has long been an interest accompanying me through my journeys. It's taken a back seat to my teaching career and nurturing a family. However, it's always allowed me to branch out, meet wonderful people and be expressive in my own personal way. Sketching has become a joy, as I fill visual journals with records of my wanderings.

    I contribute pieces to on-line sites such as Loose Watercolour, Abstract Landscapes and Contemporary and Traditional Tonal Painting. I'm a member of TAS where I enjoy connecting to other artists.

    I particularly enjoy opportunities to submit work to rural and regional exhibitions: for example, Bell, Lockyer Valley, Warwick and here in Toowoomba.

  • Influences

    I love obviously painterly work with brushstrokes and a certain indifference to perfection. Turner, Van Gogh, Margaret Olley and Craig Penny are just a sample of amazing influences. I deeply admire artists such as John Atkinson Grimshaw, Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Clarice Beckett and John Russell as well.

  • Awards

    I've received local show awards over the years from a small number of entries overall. More recently I gained a Highly Commended for a piece, Creek Crossing, at a TAS Spring exhibition.

  • Exhibitions

    Contributions to annual group exhibitions include TAS, OAG and Downlands. I enjoy supporting smaller regional exhibitions such as St Mark's in Warwick, Bell and the Lockyer Valley Foothills. Acrylic pieces have been hung with others from TAS in a medical practice here in Toowoomba in recent weeks.

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Bernadette Whisson

Outback River Twilight
24 x 34 cm Framed: 38 x 48 x 4 cm Watercolour on 300gm cotton paper, medium Sold

Bernadette Whisson

Shelly Beach, Caloundra
20 x 24 cm Framed: 30 x 37 x 3 cm Water colour Sold

Bernadette Whisson

Early Morning, Warwick Way
45 x 45 x 4 cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS Sold

Bernadette Whisson

Out where the wild things are
19 x 23 cm Framed: 34.5 x 43 x 2 cm Water colour and Gouache Sold

Bernadette Whisson

Have Courage, Take Heart
45 x 45 x 4 cm Framed: 47 x 47 x 5 cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $320.00