Alyce Duhs

Alyce Duhs

  • Artist’s Statement

    I believe my art has the power to make one view the natural world in a new light. To discover beauty in nature that otherwise might seem dull and often overlooked. Like the dreamy reflections in the ocean or rays of sunlight shining through leaves above. The warmth and coolness of colour and how they contrast in harmony to capture moments of pure emotion.

  • Biography

    I'm an emerging artist living in Brisbane Australia where I was born.
    At 29 years old I have developed my passion as an artist over many years, specialising in photorealistic works of art using chalk pastel and coloured pencil. The most important part of my style is creating vibrant and realistic drawings of wildlife, pets, seascapes and botanicals with tremendously high attention to detail.
    I have developed my signature style shown through my use of vibrant colours and dramatic contrasting. Each artwork is finished off with extremely delicate detailing and highlighting.

  • Influences

    I draw inspiration for my work from various trips to national parks, rainforests and wildlife sanctuaries. From this I capture elements in nature that particularly stimulate my emotions.

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Alyce Duhs

The Perfect Pair
50 x 35 x 3cm Chalk pastel $2,200.00

Alyce Duhs

Pisces Dreaming
35 x 50 x 3cm Chalk pastel $2,200.00