Alex Stalling

Alex Stalling

  • Artist’s Statement

    Birds is an ongoing series of abstract self portraits with representational elements and layered automatic pattern making. The works allow Alex to disconnect from the noise and overstimulating day to day and dive deeper into the automatic drawing space as a way to deconstruct deeper thoughts, events and moments. The bird holds a deeper representational element for this artist, that which is never disclosed in an attempt for the viewer to make their own connection to the individual pieces.

  • Biography

    For me, growing up in Outback & Regional Queensland fostered an appreciation for the role of creative culture and the impact they hold on the community.

    My career path has been balancing both sides of the coin. Promoting, greetings and advocating for artists practices and developing my own artistic voice.

    As an artist I often find my work to be chaotic, irregular and leapfrogging which echo’s my internal drive and inability to remain still for long. Each work is an abstract self portrait documenting my inner struggles with mental & physical health. Pattern, colour, layers and animals are heavily represented within my work as a placeholder for a concept, idea, mindset. Individual shapes, animals and designs hold an internal meaning for me that which I usually do not disclose.

    The duality between my drive to advocate for the arts through the promotion of spaces, mentoring, events and happening and my own artistic practice has often led to long gaps between exhibitions.

    Currently I

  • Influences

    Nature, lucid states, Frida Kahlo, Hilma af Klint

  • Exhibitions

    Public Art: ORBS 6 Union Street Toowoomba
    Public Art: Chalk Artist Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 2020
    Public Art: Parallels in Time LIT Festival 2020
    Exhibition: made. Reunion Show 2021 - Tinker
    Exhibition: Fragile States 2021 - LASSO

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Alex Stalling

90 x 60 x 2.5cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS $1,100.00