Aaron Blades

Aaron Blades

  • Artist’s Statement

    Throughout my life I have had the privilege to travel and learn from other nations
    about their country and their waterways, my paintings allow me to give an insight into our beautiful
    culture while also providing me the ability to heal my spirit through my connection to my old people.
    I believe the path that I am on was planned for me long ago by my ancestors and I intend follow
    their guidance and strive to become a strong advocate for my people.

  • Biography

    My name is Aaron (DHURIL) Blades, I am a
    proud Mandandanji man from the Balonne river
    in South Western Queensland, I have been
    painting since I was 14 years old and over that
    time I have utilised my paintings to tell my
    stories and heal.

  • Influences

    Alot of my influence comes from my life experiences and time spent on my Grandmothers country, I then proceed to capture those times through my art and tell the story of my journey.

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Aaron Blades

Uborogubra Diggari
45 x 61 x 122 cm ACRYLIC ON CANVAS Sold