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2022 Artist Catalogue Submission Deadline has closed.

Our exhibition Curator is currently selecting works from well over 1000 incredible entries submitted for our 22 Catalogue. For curatorial reasons we aim to limit this to 750 items on display.

Catalogue selection will be complete by mid-August.

Points to remember if accepted and your art is displayed on the site catalogue:

  • All supplied works must be clearly marked with the name of the artist and title. In the case of three-dimensional works submitted in quantity, individual saleable pieces should be numbered consecutively.
  • All two-dimensional works will be strung, ready for hanging, except large works to be hung direct from D-shackles. It is recommended that non-framed canvases have painted edges and be sturdy i.e. at least 25mm deep. Warped canvases will not be hung.
  • All works are subject to commission and to the relevant GST charges (found here), upon sale unless otherwise arranged with the curator.
  • Please check your pricing on the site. You can find your online profile and artwork here > Quick list – RME Downlands Art Exhibition
  • Please check your online Artist Profile details and edit through your portal.
  • Artists will have been emailed a consignment label for each artwork selected.  Please check your inbox, print these out and affix or just bring in with your work upon delivery.
  • All three-dimensional works will be ready for installation including any fittings and directions included with the work. 
  • The curator will select a current artwork image as your profile picture if one is not supplied.
  • By submitting artwork to the Downlands Art Exhibition you give permission for photographs of your work to be taken by Downlands for publicity. (Public photography prohibited during the show).
  • Due to the number of artworks we are managing, no item changes can be made to consignments upon delivery of artworks, only deletions.Patrons with tickets to the Gala Opening will be invited to view artworks at the Curator’s Sales Team Training Night at 6:30pm on Thursday 15 September. Artists are welcome to join us and contribute to the session. Please RSVP to Debbie Carpenter on carpend@downlands.qld.edu.au for catering purposes.

    Please email the curator if you have any issues.

    Further bulletins will be emailed before delivery time.

    It would be greatly appreciated if Artists can assist us this year with the hanging and demount of the exhibition.

    >Delivery / Collection 

    (These times may change due to our current driveway upgrade)

    Whilst every care will be taken in handling all works of art, the owner of the goods to be exhibited in the Downlands College Art Exhibition, acknowledges that goods are carried to and from the exhibition at his/her own risk and that the carrier of the goods and the organising committee of the exhibition are exempt from all liability, including liability for negligence. During the exhibition artworks are covered by the College insurance policy.

    Due to construction of our new Junior School and driveway upgrades the main access to the Graham centre will be blocked off during September.  Please utilise the main driveway entrance and follow the signs to the temporary delivery option.

    Works are to be delivered to addresses shown at the indicated times:

    TOOWOOMBA: Downlands College – Graham Centre (eastern access via main oval – map will be emailed shortly)

    Saturday 10 September  1:00pm – 4:00pm

    Sunday 11 September  9:00am – 5:30pm (deadline at Sunset)

    Volunteers are encourage to help receive artwork at these times and with hanging on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


    Works are to be collected from addresses shown at the indicated times:

    TOOWOOMBA: Downlands College – Graham Centre (eastern access via main oval – map will be emailed shortly)

    Sunday 25 September  12:00pm – 7:30pm

    Monday 26 and Tuesday 28 September  9:00am – 8:30pm

    Volunteers are welcome to help with pack up from 10am Sunday 25 September and 9am until late on Monday and Tuesday.

     (If these times are not suitable for delivery please contact the curator to arrange an earlier drop off.)

    NO collection from the school is possible before 12pm on Sunday 25 September.

    Please understand the logistical considerations under our contractual obligations with so many suppliers.

    Volunteers for wrapping and return of unsold works most welcome – http://www.downlandsart.com/volunteers.html


    • WORK SHOULD BE COLLECTED from the College by TUESDAY 27 SEPTEMBER 2022.
    • No responsibility will be taken for works not collected by this date unless prior arrangements are received and agreed to in writing by representatives of the Downlands College Art Exhibition.

    Graham Centre

    The RME Downlands Art Exhibition is usually held in the College’s Graham Centre. This is at the top of the curved driveway, the entry on Ruthven Street, Toowoomba.  We will continue this grand tradition in 2022.  Our regular curator, Evan Hollis, strives to present a large, formal gallery space with artworks curated primarily by genre, sunject and media useage. Accepted artworks are of a high  standard whereby more affordable works are often hung near serious investment pieces creating an interesting viewing experience and purchasing options for all browsers.

    During the exhibition refreshments are available at the Café in  Tudor Hall which is adjacent to the Graham Centre.  Visitors can relax with morning or afternoon tea or lunch whilst contemplating your newly acquired art under the shaded café tables.


    2022 Partners Prospectus avavilable


    Book Tickets for Gala Opening 16 September 2022 at 7 pm

    Book tickets for RME Downlands Art Exhibition Gala Opening here soon.

    The exhibition opens between 17 - 24 September, 10 am - 4 pm.